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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jam Session Time Again...

Well, It's Jam Session time again. This is where we go to places (this time it is Jan's house) and take a dish of food and our musical instruments and sing and play and eat. We usually have a great time.

Donna and I missed the last one. There is a guy who brings his bass guitar and plunks on it during the songs. The problem is, he has no idea of how to play the thing and he usually plays in the wrong key and screws up everybody's music.

We missed the last session because we thought he would be there. I left a session early the one before because he was screwing up the music and the guy, Ken, who runs the session wouldn't tell him not to play the bass.

Some friends who have been gone for a while, came back and the lady plays the bass and does a good job. When she is here, we don't need to worry about Chuck plunking on his.

I am taking my bass in addition to my guitar, just in case Chuck shows up and the lady bass player doesn't.

It's up to the person who sponsors the session to make sure no one screws things up. She said she would tell Chuck he could come but to leave his bass at home.

The guy is weird. I offered to teach him how to play at no charge but he just cannot admit he doesn't know how. Oh, well.

Gotta go,-see you later. Wish us luck!



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