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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jam Session Follow-up...

We went to the jam session and got there at about eleven thirty. As we drove up to Jans place, we saw Chuck getting into his car. He was leaving. Jan met me there and told me she had asked Chuck to not play his bass guitar because it screwed up the music. She suggested to him that he let me (or someone else) teach him how to play properly. She asked him to leave his bass and amp in his car and come in and just sing but he refused.

Chucks wife and his mother-in-law, two very obnoxious ladies, were waiting for me when I walked into the house. The mom-in-law accused me of making the statement, 'I wouldn't go to another jam session if Chuck was allowed to play his bass;' I agreed that I had said exactly that and I meant it. Then Jan came by and told us she wouldn't allow arguing here and I was more than happy to abide by her wishes and I walked on into the house.

Our friend, Grady, a lead guitar picker and singer came, as did Ray and Faye, a couple who are very good singers and players. And Faye plays a pretty solid bass guitar. Loretta, a great singer who lives in Paskenta and has her own jam session there once a month, showed up. Her husband, Raymond, didn't come with her. He is beginning to really feel his age. He's in his eighties.

All and all, it was a very good session. I hope the next one goes as well.



Blogger tweetey30 said...

People are just weird that way. I dont understand it sometimes when someone is told nicely that they shouldnt do something and then they take it as an insult.. Come one people grow up.. Its not like she asked him to leave all together. It was his choice. Glad you had fun though..

12:43 AM  
Blogger Ken said...

yes Jim, Chuck was asked at the senior center to SING at Ken's jam's but no BASE,,and the women he brings were told that it is QUIET time when the music is playing, inbetween is one thing but respect the program or LEAVE. \
I enjoy having all attend the Jam pot lucks, and intend to keep having them. with out the hassels of those persons. ken

10:29 AM  

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