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Friday, July 08, 2005

Can China Dictate To The United States Congress and the President?...

What is George Bush going to do about Communist China trying to buy an American oil company?

What is he doing about the Chinese telling our Congress to be quiet and mind their own business?

If China has it's way, it'll own one of the biggest American oil companies before long. The oil company has already all but agreed to the sale.

What the hell is going on with this government? Why hasn't George Bush told the Chinese, "No, you can't buy an American oil company"?

What has this country come to? It's getting scarry!

Mr President, it's time you get off your ass and act like a man! For me, I'm sorry I voted for this man who lied about being a conservative Republican! I know what a conservative Republican is! I'm a conservative Republican! And Communist China is not my friend!!!

Folks, let's do something!


Blogger Johnny Newt said...

Bush has always been a monkey in the pocket of big oil, why should now be any different. Do you have any idea how much Ol' Bushy Jr. and Sr.'s friends stand to make on that deal.thats alot of old pals at the country / yacht club and campaign contributors who aren't gonig to be none to happy if that deal falls through. Then what will daddy think !!

1:23 PM  

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