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Monday, July 18, 2005

It Ended Very Sadly...

I watched a movie the other day and the ending was very sad. If I had known how it would end, I probably wouldn't have watched it. It was a terrific movie and moved along very well so it could have ended just about any way and been a great movie. It didn't have to end sadly; it shouldn't have ended sadly. It should have ended happily.But, as I said, it ended sadly.

This ending, however, whether good or bad isn't what I wish to point out.

When the end came, the leading man left our sight and no one knew where he went or what happened to him. His fate was left to the imagination of the viewer.That was the end of the movie. That was no ending.

There was a hint that the man might have gone somewhere else and started up the same kind of business as he had before.

Maybe he went somewhere and committed suicide.
He may have gone off somewhere and fulfilled a secret longing for a nice little house, a house he and the person who died so sadly had discussed at one time, and now maybe he is living out his life there as best he can with his memories.
Maybe he went to a big city and became a wino, living on the street, broken in spirit by the guilt he may have felt for the death of the person, his friend, who died so sadly.

Okay!-You say, so what is the big deal about what happened to the man who left so mysteriously, the man whose fate one can only imagine?

The big deal is it leaves the story un-told. It leaves it in limbo.It leaves one wondering, not able to put an end to this story that ended so sadly.

All right, I'll put an end to the story. The man moved to Turlock and opened a quick stop mini-market.
Don't like that one? All right, he went to Monterey and waded into the Pacific Ocean and was never seen again.
Still no go? Okay, he did buy that house and is now living comfortably in Empire, California.

All right, this is getting a bit boring so let's get to the gist of it.

Please assume any ending you wish. Assume the man is living in the house he and the person who died so sadly talked about.
Or assume he went to another city and opened another business.
Or assume he killed himself because he couldn't take the pain of his friend dying so sadly.

Now, if you have made your assumption, did the person who died in the story that ended so sadly come back alive? Did your assumption change anything that happened in this story so it wouldn't end so sadly?


No matter what you decide, whichever ending you wish would happen, did happen, none of it would make any difference. It just wouldn't make any difference. Whatever you do or don't do in life, as well as in this story, never makes any difference about anything that has already happened. Never has; Never will.And a very good story would still end very sadly.

I still wish I hadn't watched the movie.



Blogger MonicaR said...

Well..wha...Didn't you know? They've left it open so they can make another movie.

10:05 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

I saw the same movie and thought it was great.

I have no problem with the ending. To me, it mirrors real life.

If you want a happy ending all the time, you'll have to stick to the Disney animated movies.

9:26 AM  
Blogger "Alice" said...

Oh monicar, two minds thinking the same. Look for the sequel coming to a theatre near you.

4:51 PM  

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