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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Nation of Islam...

With all this islamic terrorism going on, it kinda makes me wonder where the Nation of Islam of the United States stands on the terrorism. Where is the outrage from them and their ruler, Louis Farrakhan?

I'm not too surprised, though, that we haven't heard from them. You know, a bunch of black Americans who are so stupid they can read the Koran and make any sense out of it; a bunch of people who will listen to a racist like Farrakhan might not feel like this is their Country.

If any of you hypocrits who call yourselves black muslims and follow the dictates of Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan read this, maybe you should take time to go to an African nation and check out the muslims there. You'd be happy to come back to the good old U S of A! You'd have to admit it; you're not really muslims at all. You know why?
Because you have too much. You are too free. You are too happy. You can't be any of those things and be a muslim!

After you see those black muslims in Africa starving to death with snot running down the faces of the children and their ribs showing and their stomachs extended by malnutrition you'd realize how much better off you descendents of American slaves are!

Maybe after you see how beaten down and starved, how poor and dirty those poor unfortunate people are, you'd appreciate your real home and a true religion, Christianity, the religion of love, not Islam, the ideology of hate.

Do you people celebrate every September eleventh, to honor the innocent people who died at the cowardly hands of the muslim terrorists or do you celebrate because the heinous crime happened?

It's too bad you people cannot just proudly say, "I am an American," instead of showing your dis-dain by saying, "I am an African-American, the descendent of a slave!" We're all descendents of slaves!

I hope some of you will have the guts to speak up and condemn the islamic terrorists! You don't have to be a Christian if you choose not to but you really do need to be an American if you love this country and your freedom!


Blogger MonicaR said...

Calypso Louis is a real piece of work. Just goes to show - a person can be totally insane and still people will follow them!!

9:03 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

You know, you grought up a very good point. You suggested the the Afro-Amerkans go to Africa and see just how bad the muslims there are.

The muslim(I just can't bring myself to capitalize it)leaders are always saying the koran preaches peace and love.

Well then, why do we not see all these oil rich Arabian countrys over there in Africa helping thier fellow muslims?

Seems like all the aid and help comes from predomintely Christian Nations. Am I wrong?

I've never heard of Louis and his followers holding concerts or any other type of fund raiser for thier poor brothers and sisters of Africa.

I've never heard of them helping anybody even here in the ghettos of the USA.

9:30 PM  
Blogger sandy said...

Dammit- (brought)

9:31 PM  
Blogger Johnny Newt said...

I really feel that most blacks are attracted to islam as a show of defiance against what they consider a "White Mans Religion" but often in the same breath will argue that Jesus was a black man. The real point is , it doesn't matter, it's about good and evil, right and wrong , not color and race. killing is evil, muder is wrong, hatred agianst those who don't bow too your corrupt way of life is wrong. We as Americans are not perfect, but who is? Sometimes I get so very tired of living in a Nation where hating and siding agianst the hand that feeds you is so readily tolerated. Some people in this world won't be happy until they have destroyed all that is good, in the name of there own hatred.I swear i'm not sure what is more toxic to a nation or people, intolerance or all out tolerance.

1:14 PM  
Blogger CA said...

Good points, all. Thanks for the comments...

7:43 AM  

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