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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Musical Interlude Day...

Well, (I say that a lot) today was another music day and I must say, it was a much better day than Sundays' jam session was! Sunday I went to Paskenta without Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo there) because she was in San Francisco visiting her sister. It was a pretty good jam session, as jam sessions go, and I met a new fellow musician.

He is a black guy, a twin with his sister, and he played the bass guitar. Actually he had two basses, one black one that really sounded good (he had an amp about four feet long by three feet tall that had to have at least two 15's in it) and would really blow you out of the room!

He had another bass that I really admired. It was a 1950s or 60s Gibson thin line hollow body and it sounded extremely good. My only regret was I didn't ask to play it.

Anyhow, (I say that a lot, too) we played for a while and ate and etc'ed and I decided to go home so I'd be there if Donna came home early. (Little did I know she was already there, hoping to catch me doing something bad--sure,-yeah!)

Anyhoo, (again) I carried my junk out to the pickup and loaded part of it and walked around the truck and found the left, rear tire was flat. Bummer! I had a hell of a time with it because the long jack crank handle was supposed to go through the bumper (a hole) and into a guide to loosen the spare tire mounted under the pickup bed. I couldn't get it to work. Shucks! (actually, "shit"!)

Then a lady came by and offered her brother's assistance and I accepted graciously. (the 'gracious' part was to stop swearing profanely) He came on the scene and stuck the handle through the hole, twisted it and the spare jumped off by itself and rolled around and tried to get on the hub. It stopped only when I explained to it, the other tire hadn't been removed yet. Oh.

I thanked the stranger and finished up and left to go home....BTW...

In the interim, I had called AAA to come and help and had to call them back and tell them some other dummy had already fixed it. They responded with an emphatic, "Oh!"

So I went home and, the next day (right now it's the 13th) I took it to Les Schwab and got it fixed. I asked the tire repair man if he would replace the spare on the spare rack after he fixed the flat and he said he would.
However, (and I was watching) when he finished repairing the tire and had placed it into the hub, the spare jumped up onto the spare rack by itself and fastened itself down tightly and I'm sure I heard it say, "Whew', I'm glad that's over! I'm tired."

Now that was Sunday. Tuesday, Donna and I went to the Shasta Senior Nutrition Center, played and sang flawlessly, accepted seven bucks as tips, came home and reveled at the ease and grace with which we did our thing.

What a difference a day makes! (or, in this case, three days)

Of course, it may have been the Master Musician telling me that my music has to include, among other things, a Donna. You never know.



Blogger tweetey30 said...

Sounds wonderful. You two sound like great people. You also make those older people so happy with a few hours of singing and such. Go you two.Happy Valentines Day.

9:24 AM  

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