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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Do I Do Now?...

"My Hero!!" is what my granddaughter on the right was thinking about her Grandpa! Ain't she cute?

I got my copy of National Geographic yesterday and there is an article in it about the life and times of General Robert E Lee. What an eventful life he had! What a hero he was and still is!

When I read about things that have happened in the past,-great things that are now parts of our history, I ask myself, "Self, what do I do now?"
George Washington forded the Delaware River in the dead of winter to defeat the enemy;

Davy Crockett fought and died at the Alamo defending Texas from the Mexicans;

Patrick Henry chose death rather than a life of British bondage;

Ulysses S Grant and Robert E Lee fought to preserve different ways of life in the United and Confederate States of America and hundreds of thousands of brave Americans died defending the cause each of them espoused;

Teddy Roosevelt lead the Charge on San Juan Hill in Cuba;

George Washington Carver, against great odds, spoke up and revolutionized the peanut industry;

Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross;

Geronimo was a great warrior and leader of the Apache Nation in early America;

Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the demise of the Soviet Union and the downing of the Berlin Wall...

I could go on and on, almost forever and name famous people who made history and were heroes. Can it be that history has already produced adequate heroes and now we can only observe but not add to the heroic historic events of this nation?

Has everything already been done? Are we condemned to limp along in life, to only observe past heroes and read about past heroic deeds? 'eeeh'..Maybe not.

It's nice to have historical heroes,-people we can admire and 'ooh' and 'ahh' at their escapades. How about that Superman? Neato, huh? At our stations in life, most of us see only backward when searching for a hero. Most of us could never make any history or be a hero; how could we?

Well, think about it. When Davy Crockett left Tennessee, did he say to himself, "I'm bored. I think I'll go to Texas and make history and become a hero!"

Or George Washington, or Abe Lincoln; I don't think they did what they did with the express purpose of making history and becoming heroes.
And the rest of them; when they walked out of the house, headed down the road to do whatever it was they did, I doubt any of them had,"I'm gonna be a hero right quick and make some history," on his mind.

Hey, you know what, maybe if each of us just goes ahead on and does whatever it is we're called to do, some of us might be heroes, too, someday, and make some history!
We may not be heroes to everybody in the world but, surely we could be heroes to someone; maybe even make a bit of history! You just never know!

Now that's something to think about! Yeah, that's something to sleep on!!



Blogger tweetey30 said...

Hey I think all grandpa's and grandma's are hero's and heronines. I am not sure if I spelled that right but you get the point. Enjoy your granddaughter.

8:58 AM  

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