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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mike Huckabee Comments on Romney News...

Former Arkansas Governor and Republican presidential candidate issued the following statement regarding the exit of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney from the presidential race.

"...I am redoubled in my resolve to carry on my campaign in a civil, dignified manner. The issues that got me into this campaign-protecting life and traditional marriage, enacting the Fair Tax, and border security are going to keep me in this campaign."

"As a true authentic, consistent, conservative, I have a vision to bring hope, opportunity and prosperity to all Americans, and I'd like to ask for and welcome the support of those who had previously been committed to Mitt."

You got me, Mike!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huckabee would be a great candidate for out-of-touch also-ran of the year, I don't know about president

5:33 PM  

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