i A Time and a Place...: June 2005

Thursday, June 30, 2005


I guess the jig is up! I have to confess, A Time and A Place and Jims Joint are both products of the same fertile, imaginative and highly successfully active and original ('whew') mind. (there was no way I could, in good conscience, add 'handsome' to that descriptive relation, although I wouldn't object if someone else did) ((nor would I be surprised))

I had to fess up because, last evening I was sitting here, copying a draft in note-pad to add to this blog when Chico, the Wonder Dog came in.

He looked at me,"Am I in there?" (dogs can't talk so I have to go by his 'looked at mes')
"No," I looked at him back and he rushed my leg and nipped me on my ankle. My left ankle. He then showed me more teeth than the low gear of a 20 speed transmission and they weren't pretty!

I fended him off with a cd I picked off the desk (it was, as it turned out, an up-grade to MS word and I didn't need it anymore since my computer will never again crash ~~ (those small squiggly lines are fingers-I didn't know how to cross them...use your imagination)

And Donna is beginning to look at me askance, wondering why I no longer read witty things to her from my posts and comments. (she enjoyed the power and attention she had being a critic) And, of course, she isn't often included much in this blog and she misses the comraderie of being included.

Anyway, there it is: I've now confessed and poured out my soul so we can go on from here! I wondered how long it would take, if ever, before anyone would recognize my unique writings and connect JJ to ATAAP. It finally happened one time (when Donna let it slip to Sandy-accidently) so there it is! You can (and may) do with it as you will!

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Am I the same person you loved when we met?
Answer...No, you are the person I love now...

Question...Why did you love me when we met?
Answer...I don't remember why I loved you when we met...I only know why I love you now...

Question...Will you love me forever, no matter what?
I'll tell when forever arrives...

The Death Penalty...

Is the death penalty an effective measure to deter crime? There is always an argument about this subject. Some claim that, altho certain people commit murders and other capital crimes, we do not have the right to take their lives.

Because I am inclined to go off deep ends when attempting to extensively discuss such things as this, I'll keep my opinion brief and only quote a statistic I think is pertinent to this subject.

According to the US Government Bureau of Statistics, in the year 2004, fifty nine people were executed in the US.
In the year 2003, sixty five people were executed in the US.

Of those one hundred and twenty four people who were executed in the US in 2003 and 2004, none have repeated their crimes against society. I rest my case...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

What a World We Live In...

How do things become top priorities and the most important things in our lives? The Michael Jackson incident, for instance, a guy accused of sharing his bed with young boys and doing who knows what else. This stayed on the front pages of every newspaper in the world for so long it was sickening; and no one was physically harmed! Or the Kobe Bryant incident; Kobe getting away with a vicious rape. OJ Simpsom murdering his ex-wife and her friend and getting away with it.
And, of course, for those of you who feel everything must be balanced out, the Robert Blake incident and the Menendes Brothers, the former getting away with (some feel) murder, the latter convicted of the heinous crime of killing their parents.

These are important things in our lives, of course. But how high should they be in our list of priorities?

Princess (?) Diannes' death and the passing of Sister Theresa, a wonderful Catholic Nun who dedicated her life for the poor and needy. The death of Dianne, once a Princess, evoked sorrow almost without limit and filled the front page for months. While the real hero, Sister Theresas' death was barely front page material for a day.

Yeah, yeah! Where is this going?- All right...here it is in a nut shell.

While perusing blog comments yesterday, I read a dozen comments by Americans and others who were offended because some of us think burning our national symbol, the American Flag, should be a crime.

And where now is the rage over the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers? Now some fine people are complaining because of alleged bad treatment of the terrorist captives in Quantanamo Bay.

Why are not people who know what is really going on insisting on checking out every Muslim organization in this country.

All Muslims are, by command of their Koran, enemies of all Christians, Jews and all other non-Muslims. Don't believe me; read for yourself.

And now the Saudis are extorting money from us by allowing the OPEC nations to triple the price of oil in the last six months.

And our president is to cowardly to do what he can do to stop it.

Oh, Yeah, you say, and what can I do about that?
Nothing. Just sit on your ass and worry about Michael fondling himself and about Kobe, Blake and OJ!

I believe our greatest priority should be for the safety and security of this Nation. And the protection of our troops who are risking their lives for us. The ridiculously high price of oil presents a direct threat to our troops. And it could very well cause another financial crash like what happened in 1929.

We need to write and call our reps and senators and the president and insist they do something about all this. It might not do any good but itcertainly won't if we don't do anything! Later...

Friday, June 24, 2005

"i just read"

a very interesting site that was about old sayings and quips. i just want to add my three favorites to her list. two were originally said to me by my now deceased brother-in-law, clarence, and the other was a favorite of my now deceased mother, georgia. (aka,- grannie bue)

the first was what my mother said to a child when she was sassed by that child. (a cardinal sin)

"don't you sass me or i'll 'slap the fire out of you!'"

the first of clarences' sayings was what clarence says he told the preacher when he, as he was marrying my sister, was asked," will you take this woman for better or for worse, and he said,'i'll have to take her for better because they don't come no worse.'"

the second had to do with a dear friend of his, the wife of one of his life long friends who owned a wrecking yard. the ladys' name was willy and she talked incessantly. he said,"she talks so much that if you sewed her mouth shut, her tongue would beat her brains out."

Saturday, June 18, 2005

will someone who cares...please send this link to mr jackson?...this is A Time and A Placefor some lessons on child molesting from the grand-daddy of them all...mr schwartzmiller. according to authorities, he has molested up to 36,000 kids-mostly boys. AND HE KEPT RECORDS!!

his roommate, mr everts, who is also a convicted child molester, says mr schwartzmiller is a nice guy.

are you listening, michael?...

"thank you...we really appreciate your unselfish help, THE TIME AND MONEY, THE TREMENDOUS EFFORT helping us to clean up after the tsunami damage that killed 40,00 people...we thank you!"

sure they do!...that is the sri lanka government thanking everyone..."WRONG"...

check out this article. sri lanka says they thank everyone for the help but the people bringing in the equipment used to do the cleanup still have to pay a ridiculous import tax on it!

there is A Time and A Place for taxes but this ain't it!
screw 'em! let them clean up their own mess!...

Friday, June 17, 2005

july 4 there will be new ocean front property for sale. look it over and make an offer right away. see the building sites at winton, california, east of highway 99. don't take i-5. it might be under water.

my brother or i know everything. there is no question one of cannot answer. try me