i A Time and a Place...: April 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Original Poetry...

I am going to begin posting poems on my YouTube site. I have one ready now called, "The Shack Just South of Town." I may post it today.

I just created the video on the spur of the moment and I didn't scrape my face or put on my tux beforehand; but I did wear my cowperson hat. And it's black.

So, anyhoo, keep an eye peeled and let me know if you like my poetry.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Who Do You Like?...(or is that,'Whom'?)

Here is a poll I think you may find interesting. Whomever you vote for will say a lot. (to someone) 'chuckle'They're performing maintenance on the site. I'll try again later.

I took this out because people were having trouble getting it to work.(Donna won with 2,000,000 votes. (or was it, 2)


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JC and Donna Lee..

"Whoopeee!".....Well, what the hey,-In case anyone ever wondered,"Who the hell is 'JC and Donna Lee,' well(again) here they are, in the flesh! (heavy on 'the flesh')

This our first time at presenting a video on YouTube so please don't be too hard on us.

Donna Lee wanted to dress up but(as soon as I got my cowboy hat and vest on) I told her we wouldn't need all that.

Anyhoo, here we are! Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

"I was given a young man's heart ..."

"... and started craving beer and Kentucky Fried Chicken. My daughter said I even walked like a man..."

What a wonderful story this is! It is well worth reading. I won't post any more of it here but I hope some of you take the time to read it! It is very inspiring and touching!


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well, We Done It...

and it was fun. Now we're headed for Redding for a jam session.

(This is Donna and me doing what we do best...er'..second best-maybe third)

I'm taking my guitar and my bass, in case no one else brings a bass guitar.

When Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo there) or I sing, I'll play the guitar (cause it's easier for me to sing playing the guitar rather than the bass guitar-{and/or}-I can be sure the song is played right and in the right chords for Mi Espousa ((a bit more Mex lingo here)) when she sings) and play the bass for the rest of the musicians.

The bass gives the sound a bit more bottom. (With Donna and Me, we don't need no more bottom)

Bye, bye!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Once Again It's Time...

...to entertain the 'old' folks. Today Mi Espousa (a little Mex lingo here) and I will go to Anderson to the senior hall and pick and sing for the elderly. (and any other who attend)

It's always fun there and we are happy to do it.

For any of you who have never heard of us, we're JC and Donna Lee, entertainer extraordinaries; singers, dancers and tellers of an occasional blond joke. (There are so many it's pretty easy)

For the newbies,(et al) I have signed up for a You Tube site and will, in the not too distant future, post a video of JC and Donna Lee doing their thing. When I get the video on there, I'll post the link and you all can enjoy the outstanding performance we will give!..-'whheewwoooh'..

Anyhoo, I'd best go now. It's time to hit the road Jack and don't look back! 'oops'...off again I go--I cain't hep it!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's Been a While...

...since I wrote something in this blog. Whilst perusing my sister's blog, I came across this little episode that happened to my Dad and three sisters some years back.(1939)
My mother, brother and I had ridden the freights and hitch-hiked to California earlier and Daddy decided he and the girls needed to come from Phoenix to California to find us. It was a long, eventful trip for them and here is how part of it happened.

"...A woman came out to the big room and Daddy told her we were on our way to California to Mother and she said," Mister, you are already in California!" Daddy told her we all needed some food then we would go on our way and find Mother...

After we had eaten, she took us upstairs where there were long rows of single bunks. I think they were just cots but she said this was where we would sleep. Mickey and I would sleep here but Joan would sleep in another room. We didn't like that idea. Mickey said Joan was supposed to sleep with us.

"Well," the woman said, "Look who is telling me how to run my business!!" We didn't say anything else.

She said we could all go out in the back yard to play till dinner. We went and stuck together like glue. We were finally called in to eat dinner and we went down the stairs again and sat at the long tables. We had soup again and sandwiches. We didn't know any better so we thought it was really good; at least better than we had in the past two weeks.

Then up the stairs we went again. I slept on the cot next to Mickey. We were so tired I hardly knew what was going on 'till a woman came in with a cot and set it up between us and said,"Here is your little sister. She won't stop crying."
So Joan got to sleep with us after all! I think she got into bed with Mickey..."

What a time that was and what a life people like us had! Growing up was itself an adventure! If I could do it over again I wouldn't change a thing!