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Sunday, July 24, 2005

How Foolish and Dangerous It Would Be For China...

to underestimate the military capabilities of the United States! How arrogant that their military make veiled threats against us!

I just read about several weapons that are being developed and have already been developed by our military that are more than an effective deterrent toward any aggressive actions toward us by the Chinese. And they are absolutely amazing! And scary!

One such weapon is a beam which, when trained on individuals,(or crowds) causes their skin to heat up to very high temperatures instantly. Imagine spilling boiling water on your arm and you have the feeling produced by the beam. Then, when the beam is turned off, the skin is immediately back to normal.

Another weapon produces an electrical shock wave blast that instantly fries all electrical circuits of weapons or any other electrical device, such as computers, missile guidance systems and, etc. This can be used to neutralize any incoming guided missile.

Then there is the 'Black out Bomb', a bomb which, when exploded above ground, releases small filaments that short circuits things such as transformers and electrical switching stations. A couple of these could close down an entire city immediately.

There are many more amazing things that have been developed. One is a substance that is so slippery that, if it were applied on any object, would make that object impossible to hold, pick up or anything else.
For instance, if it is applied to a door knob, you couldn't turn the knob. If smeared or sprayed on a spoon handle, you couldn't pick up the spoon.

The military capabilities of this Country are such that it would be very stupid for China or anyone else to seriously threaten us militarily. I feel much more secure after learning of these space-age weapons our military has. And now, with more and more Americans feeling like there will probably be a Third World War, it is reassurring to know about these things.

How stupid it would be for China to assume they could even have a guided missile reach this Nation. And how stupid that they think there would be anything left of their nation if they tried such a thing.

Thank God for the ingenuity of Americans! Now if George Bush will get off his ass and act like the leader of the most powerful Nation in the history of the world, and understand that islam is terrorism and communist China is not our friend, we can once again begin to feel secure!



Blogger sandy said...

The only problem is that China may indeed be stupid. Haven't we had a lot of stupid leaders through out history?
There's always someone who thinks they can get away with something.
Or just a meglomanic in office could start wwlll.

9:10 PM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

We have the best in the world. The best weapons, the best trained men and women, the best everything. I do hope, too, that GW can continue to be strong.

9:40 PM  
Blogger allison said...

you sure like harmful things
ie: bombs and stuff

It would be wise for China to re-think their aggressiveness b/c we basically fund a big chunk of their economy

2:36 PM  
Blogger CA said...

Yes, Allison, I do like harmful things like bombs and stuff; I like them when they are exploding on our enemies, the people who want to reduce us to ashes.

I especially love atomic bombs like the ones that stopped the aggression of Japan at the end of WWII, only now I like them over the Muslim countries such as Iran, Syria et al, who are the the terrorists of the world and over our enemy, Communist China.'whew'...

Thanks for your comment...

4:21 PM  
Blogger Stratu said...

space age weapons are great! even better when they are aimed at somebody else! i hope China does not have space age weapons. but anyway, isn't that North Korean psycho more dangerous? let's take him out with our space age weapons! GRR! *pounds chest like gorilla*

5:35 PM  
Blogger CA said...

Stratu: 'endeo, bwana'... (African for, "You got it!")

1:43 PM  

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